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An Exclusive Palm Beach Country Club

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Mirasol Country Club Real Estate

Mirasol, a prestigious residential community in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, offers an impressive array of homes for those seeking luxury and comfort. With its exclusive amenities, scenic vistas, and meticulously landscaped grounds, Mirasol stands out as a prime destination for homebuyers who desire an upscale lifestyle. The properties in this area range from lavish estates to charming single-family homes, designed to meet diverse preferences and needs.

The real estate market in Mirasol reflects the community’s commitment to quality and elegance. Homes for sale in this neighborhood frequently feature customized interiors, state-of-the-art appliances, and expansive outdoor spaces. Potential buyers are often drawn to the community’s excellent location, with proximity to fine dining, shopping, and entertainment, as well as its accessibility to the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic Coast.

Buyers interested in the Mirasol lifestyle can expect to find a variety of options, including properties with golf course or lakefront views, private pools, and spacious floor plans. With a median listing home price that captures the exclusivity of the area, Mirasol represents an investment in a lifestyle that is both luxurious and serene. Those looking to call this community home can explore current listings in Mirasol, each offering a unique glimpse into the elegance that Mirasol provides.

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    Featured Listings



    • 3 bed
    • 2.5 bath
    • 2,097 sqft
    • 6,077 sqft lot

    122 Andalusia Way, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

    2,097 sf

    3 Bed

    2.5 Bath



    • 3 bed
    • 3 bath
    • 2,617 sqft2,617 square feet
    • 9,344 sqft lot

    151 Esperanza Way, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

    2,617 sf

    3 Bed

    3 Bath



    • 5 bed
    • 4.5 bath
    • 3,647 sqft
    • 9,997sqft lot

    .122 Sedona Way, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

    3,647 sf

    5 Bed

    4.5 Bath



    • 5 bed
    • 6.5+ bath
    • 8,132 sqft
    • 0.4 acre lot

    109 Playa Rienta Way, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

    8,132 sf

    5 Bed

    6.5 Bath



    • 5 bed
    • 5.5+ bath
    • 4,747 sqft
    • 0.33 acre lot

    137 Via Mariposa, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

    4,747 sf

    5 Bed

    5.5 Bath



    • 5 bed
    • 5.5 bath
    • 4,107 sqft
    • 9,849 sqft lot

    114 Siesta Way, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418


    5 Bed

    5.5 Bath

    Overview of Mirasol Homes

    Mirasol is a luxurious residential community located in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, known for its opulence and prestige. The homes in Mirasol offer a variety of architectural styles and are designed to cater to a high standard of living.

    Key Characteristics of Mirasol Homes:

    • Location: Nestled within the landscape of Palm Beach Gardens, Mirasol homes are surrounded by meticulously landscaped grounds and picturesque golf course views.
    • Types of Properties: The community boasts a collection of properties, ranging from charming villas to expansive estate homes. Sizes vary from spacious single-family residences to more intimate villas.


    1. Two Championship Golf Courses – Designed to challenge and entertain golfers of all skill levels.
    2. Tennis Facilities – Includes multiple courts with professional coaching available.
    3. Fitness Center – Equipped with modern workout machines, free weights, and offers a variety of fitness classes.
    4. Spa Services – A full-service spa offering massages, facials, and other wellness treatments.
    5. Swimming Pools – Features resort-style pools for leisure and lap swimming.
    6. Dining Options – Multiple dining venues that range from casual eateries to fine dining experiences.
    7. Social Events – A vibrant calendar of social events, gatherings, and club activities.
    8. Sports Complex – Offers additional sports activities and facilities.
    9. Walking and Biking Trails – Landscaped trails for outdoor exercise and enjoyment.
    10. Children’s Programs – Includes activities and programs tailored for younger members.
    11. Pro Shop – Well-stocked with sports equipment and apparel.
    12. Meeting and Event Spaces – Available for private events, meetings, and celebrations.

    Current Market Information:

    • Homes for Sale: The market currently presents a selection of homes for sale in Mirasol. Prospective buyers can discover properties with various price points and configurations.
    • Price Range: Listings reveal that prices can range significantly, as reflected on platforms like Zillow and Realtor.

    Mirasol’s homes for sale embody the epitome of luxury living in Palm Beach Gardens, offering a plethora of choices for those seeking an upscale lifestyle in a serene, suburban setting.

    The Country Club At Mirasol

    Designed to provide comfort and elegance, Mirasol celebrates a vibrant community atmosphere where relaxation and recreation meet exceptional service.

    How to Navigate Mirasol Listings

    When searching for homes in the Mirasol area, buyers should focus on using accurate and current Multiple Listing Service (MLS) information, applying specific filters to tailor their search, and confirming that listings are up-to-date to ensure the best results.

    Understanding the MLS

    MLS systems are crucial for providing organized and authentic real estate data. For Mirasol homes, accessing the MLS listings through platforms like Zillow can offer comprehensive insights into the properties available for sale. Buyers should seek listings displaying the BMLS logo to verify that the information is sourced from the BeachesMLS, which stands for accuracy and reliability in real estate data.

    Utilizing Filters for Your Search

    To efficiently navigate listings, buyers must use filters to sort properties that meet their specific criteria:

    • Beds and Baths: Select the minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms required.
    • Price Range: Set a budget to view homes within a certain price bracket.
    • Property Type: Define the kind of property you’re interested in, such as single-family homes or condos.

    Websites like provide these filtering options to refine your search in Mirasol, Palm Beach Gardens, helping you identify houses that align with your preferences.

    The Importance of Updated Listings

    Ensuring that listings are updated is vital to avoid pursuing properties that are no longer available. Updated listings reflect the most recent changes in the market, including new homes for sale and changes in prices. Buyers can find the latest information on sites like Redfin and should check the date of the last update to ensure the listing’s freshness and accuracy.

    Buying in Mirasol

    When considering the purchase of a home in Mirasol, prospective buyers are engaging in a significant financial investment within a highly sought-after real estate market. By understanding the purchasing process, evaluating financial considerations, and utilizing the expertise of real estate agents, consumers are better equipped to navigate the complex terrain of acquiring a property in this luxurious community.

    The Purchasing Process

    The journey begins with identifying prospective properties that align with the buyer’s preferences, which may include searching the Mirasol Palm Beach Gardens Real Estate listings. Utilizing real estate platforms such as BeachesMLS, buyers can streamline their search and view a wide array of available homes. Once a property is selected, buyers should secure a mortgage pre-approval, submit an offer, and, upon acceptance, move towards closing. The process includes hiring inspectors, appraisals, and navigating through various legal and financial checkpoints.

    Financial Considerations

    Acquiring a home in Mirasol is an investment, and understanding the financials is crucial. The median listing price in Mirasol hovers around $1,659,500, which gives buyers an indication of the market’s standing. Buyers must also factor in additional costs such as closing fees, homeowners association (HOA) fees, property taxes, and possibly renovation expenses. It’s recommended to consult with a financial advisor to assess affordability and create a comprehensive budget before plunging into this competitive market.

    Living in Mirasol, FL

    Living in Mirasol, FL, is characterized by quality education opportunities, well-maintained community amenities with excellent walkability, and a promising job market, particularly in the West Palm Beach area. The community is well-suited for both families looking for a nurturing educational environment and professionals seeking career growth.

    Education and Schools

    Mirasol is known for its access to reputable educational institutions. Schools in and around the area cater to a variety of academic and extracurricular interests, fostering an environment conducive to learning and personal development. For example, residents can choose from top-rated public schools or select private institutions that offer a tailored educational experience.

    Community Amenities and Walkability

    The community of Mirasol boasts a variety of amenities that enhance the lifestyle of its residents. With an impressive Walk Score, the area promotes a pedestrian-friendly environment, allowing easy access to local parks, shopping centers, and restaurants. Among the community’s attractions is a saltwater pool, providing a luxurious and health-conscious recreational option.

    Job Opportunities and Economic Outlook

    The economic outlook for Mirasol is positive, supported by the proximity to the robust job market of West Palm Beach. Professionals have access to diverse job opportunities across sectors, including healthcare, education, finance, and tourism. The area’s growth is bolstered by its appeal to both established businesses and startups, offering sustainable job prospects for residents.

    Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

    When seeking to purchase property in the coveted Mirasol community, selecting the right real estate agent is critical. The agent’s level of service and local market expertise will significantly influence the buying experience and outcomes..

    Expertise in the Mirasol Market

    Having an agent with specific expertise in the Mirasol market is valuable due to the unique characteristics and trends of this affluent area. Lang Realty, for example, showcases specific knowledge of Mirasol Country Club homes, which can significantly benefit buyers looking for informed recommendations and nuanced insights.

    Listing Agents within the Mirasol community often have a pulse on upcoming listings before they hit the market, enabling buyers to have a competitive edge. Choosing an agent who aligns with the buyer’s specific needs and has a proven track record in Mirasol real estate can make a tangible difference in finding the right home.

    Regional Market Analysis

    In analyzing the housing market within Mirasol, Florida, it is essential to consider how it stands in relation to other Florida markets and to study the specific dynamics within Palm Beach County.

    Comparison with Other Florida Markets

    Mirasol stands as a unique offering within Florida’s real estate market. Properties in this upscale community are often listed on Beaches MLS, a comprehensive database reflecting the collaborative environment established by Beaches Multiple Listing Service. While markets like Westside LA and Mar Vista may attract a different demographic, Mirasol’s listings are competitive regarding luxury and exclusivity. Unlike the bustling Miami Association of Realtors®, which often lists high-density urban properties, Mirasol’s homes evoke an air of refinement and tranquility.

    In-Depth Look at Palm Beach County

    Palm Beach County’s market is diverse, with BeachesMLS, Inc serving as a treasure trove of real estate data. Within the county, Mirasol’s homes are considered “Hot Homes,” meaning they are likely to sell quickly due to their appeal. Participants of BeachesMLS have access to MLSAdvantage and the Internet Data Exchange Program, which allows for detailed comparisons between Mirasol’s homes and other areas such as Palms, Baldwin Hills, and Playa Vista. Although areas like Beverlywood and View Park offer appealing alternatives, the real estate in Mirasol remains distinct with its country club lifestyle and resort-like amenities.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When considering Mirasol homes for sale, prospective buyers frequently inquire about pricing, amenities, property types, fees, market timing, and club memberships.

    What are the current listing prices for homes in Mirasol?

    Listing prices for homes in Mirasol range broadly due to the diversity of property types within the community, with properties listed starting from mid-range to upscale multi-million-dollar estates.

    How do the amenities in Mirasol compare to nearby communities?

    Mirasol boasts a wide range of amenities including golf courses, tennis courts, and a clubhouse that are on par with, if not superior to, those found in similar upscale Palm Beach Gardens communities.

    What types of properties are available in Mirasol?

    A variety of properties are available in Mirasol, from villas, cottages to larger estate homes, catering to a wide spectrum of preferences and needs.

    Are there any additional fees associated with purchasing a home in Mirasol?

    Purchasing a home in Mirasol often includes additional fees such as mandatory club membership and homeowner association dues, contributing to the overall luxury living experience.

    What is the average time on the market for homes in Mirasol?

    Homes in Mirasol vary in the time they spend on the market, with some properties selling quickly while others may remain available for several months, reflecting market trends and the unique aspects of each property.

    Can you provide information about the Mirasol Country Club membership?

    Mirasol Country Club membership is a requisite for residents, offering access to multiple amenities and services that enhance the community’s lifestyle. Membership details and fees can be obtained directly from the Mirasol Country Club.